We closed last season in the spectacular ‘Museum Voorlinden’ (picture).
2018-2019 has now started and we have been busy bees! After performing two of the most wonderful piano trio’s (Dvorak no. 2 and Beethoven op. 70 no. 2) last year, we have started rehearsing new repertoire. This coming season we will focus on the piano trio by Maurice Ravel. We have been wanting to play this trio for a long time so this is really exciting!
2019 is the year we celebrate Rembrandt, and we would like to connect Ravel’s trio with Rembrandt’s clair obscur: the extreme contrast between light and dark, which is typical for his paintings.
Ravel knew that the combination piano, violin and cello was difficult to write for. The timbre of the piano is so different from that of the strings and the balance is an eternal fight, which is often lost by the cello. To solve this, he wrote in extreme registers of all instruments. For example, we sometimes hear the warmest, deepest bass in the piano together with the brightest harmonics in the strings. Or he writes the most beautiful melody for the cello, when the violin is filling the chords with repetitive notes. All together, it is a difficult and exciting piece with many extremes in light and dark!
Together with the Ravel we rehearse Mozart’s piano trio KV 502. It is a special trio since this was the first trio where not only the piano, but all instruments were given the main role.
The first concert where you can here this programme is on November the 18th in the Old Church in Heemstede, see ‘schedule’ for further information. We hope to share this music with you!